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Открыта Школа дошколят

4 октября состоялось в нашей гимназии важное событие: открытие ШКОЛЫ ДОШКОЛЯТ. Приветствовали дошколят первоклашки, которые только месяц назад были дошколятами, а теперь несут гордое звание: "Школьник", "Первоклассник", "Ученик Солдинаской гимназии". Как они многому научились за месяц! Порадовали нас своим позитивным и эмоциональным выступлением.

Нам с дошколятами предстоит вместе путешествовать целый год на школьном корабле Знаний. А кто на корабле главный? Верно, капитан - директор гимназии. Любовь Алексеевна Фомина приветствовала детей, пожелав удачного "плавания".

Во время путешествий по морю Знаний будем учиться и грамоте, и мастерить, и дружить, и играть. А чтобы не попасть на рифы и мели рядом всегда будут помощники - учителя.

Ребята отгадали загадки, повторили школьные правила, поиграли….

Теперь можно отправляться в путешествие по школе. Где только мы не побывали: в кабинете директора, в спортивном зале, библиотеке, компьютерном классе, актовом зале, кабинете ЮНЕСКО, зимнем саду, мастерских …

Какие любознательные, активные, дружные и открытые ребята захотели у нас учиться! Таким приятным оказалось наше знакомство!

Путешествие продолжится через неделю. Ждём с нетерпением встречи!

/Ваши учителя:
Хелена Богатова, Марина Костенкова,
Екатерина Кравченко и Наталья Власова./


Победа в номинации "Parim LAK-õpetaja 2018"


От всей души поздравляем нашего учителя английского языка
Анну Игнатьеву
с победой в номинации
"Parim LAK-õpetaja 2018" !!!




Our Students Met prof. Dr Matrin Hasselberg to listen about Global Entrepreneurship

The Enterpreneurship Week in Narva is uniting all the interested people and this Wednesday (03.10.2018) brought our 11a, 12a students to the Narva Central Library American Space for an organized by US Embassy meeting with the prof. Dr Matrin Hasselberg (Saint John's University, Minnesota).

Here is some feedback from participants:

Ivan Danilin, 12a: I liked the seminar as a lecturer told about how to set goals for yourself and achieve them correctly. I also liked the charisma of John Martin Hasselberg. He tried to convey the essence to us with the help of some jokes. I was also pleasantly surprised by the philosophical thought : "There is a need for change. Somebody needs to do something and that somebody is you!"

Aleksandra Tarutina, 12a: It was an interesting and useful time spending. We had an opportunity to listen to a native speaker and practise our listening skills. Also we were acquainted with definitions such as enterpreneurship, critical and strategic thinking, improvisation and many other things that can be useful for us in the future.

Aleksandr Trohhatšov, 12a: On Wednesday we had the pleasure to attend a lecture, which was hosted by our country US embassy. We listened to a university professor talk about how to make decisions and how to facilitate that change. What I took away from this event is that a person has the capabilities to create something, no matter how insane it might be, and be successful with it b ut a single man cannot fully employ the benefits of his creation. That is why cooperation is important. It allows us to divide our best strengths and combine our efforts to get the best result.

Picture by Aleksandr Aleksandr Polištšuk

/Olga Hmelkova
Head of UNESCO Committee and Comission on Integration
of Narva Soldino Gümnaasium, Teacher of English/


Conference for students and teachers’ seminar "Ühendatud koolid muutuvas maailmas" on the 29-30th September

A students’ conference and teachers’ seminar "Ühendatud koolid muutuvas maailmas" for UNESCO schools community and those in Baltic Sea Project in Estonia took place in Ülenurme and Tartu last weekend . Being a UNESCO school, we took part in this organized by MTÜ MONDO event for our students to increase their awareness of the world, make new friends and teachers to meet with colleagues and work together on significant topics in order to go on with our common and based on UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals work. There were 8 workshops for students held on the 30th of September in Ülenurme Gümnaasium. Our school team consisted of 12 students from 9a, 10a, 11a and two teachers (Natalja Bahhir and Olga Hmelkova) so we could visit different workshops and had great time together with other participants from all over Estonia. Here is a couple of comments by our students about their experience:

Danil Gubar, 11a: "I am glad that I went to this conference. Lessons were very interesting and it was nice to hear Estonian native speach."

Nikita Bahhir, 11a: "Although I did not quite enjoy the conference that was held on Saturday, I must say, that the arrangements and activities were done perfectly. Everyone could feel the friendly atmosphere which surrounded us that day. I do not regret participating in the event..."

If you got interested in UNESCO schools in Estonia activities and Baltic Sea Project, learn more about it on https://www.maailmakool.ee/ and http://bsp.teec.ee/

Photos of the conference and seminar events provided by Viktoria Rudenko (MTÜ Mondo / NGO Mondo UNESCO ühendkoolide koordinaator / UNESCO ASPnet Coordinator in Estonia) https://www.flickr.com/photos/maailmakoolipildipank/sets/72157702039880775

Drone Picture by Katrin Kello

/Olga Hmelkova
Head of UNESCO Committee and Comission on Integration
of Narva Soldino Gümnaasium/


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