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Artem Faust

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Артем Фауст - выпускник нашей гимназии 2007-го года известный в Таллинне и за его пределами, режиссёр музыкальных клипов и рекламных роликов, фотограф-стилист, который за полтора года добился больших успехов среди местных и российских знаменитостей. Его работа – это не рутинное занятие с 9:00 до 17:00 по будням, а стиль жизни, который идеально ему подходит. С недавнего времени у него появилась своя студия.


Artem Faust started his career in photography, founding his own studio in 2009. It provided a platform for experience in working with different types of lighting and and studio work. Riding on the success of the Studio, Artem Faust decided to more experience and inspiration in United Kingdom. In 2010, four months he lived in the north of England, improving his skills in outdoor photography and enjoying the landscapes of United Kingdom.

In 2011, Artem Faust launched ClipBerry Video Production company with a focus on commercial short films, music videos and fashion in the city of Tallinn. ClipBerry has become one of the most successful video production companies in the Baltic countries. In 2012, Artem Faust has directed over 20 music videos and 12 TV commercials, totally receiving over 1 million views on the YouTube.

2013. This year we started with great changes in our production team. 90% of co-workers has been refreshed and Artem Faust Productions was born. Artem Faust developed a taste for film directing music videos, commercials and short films with new people, new ideas and new customer service. During 2013 Artem Faust has directed over 20 TV commercials for famous companies in Estonia and not only; 3 music videos and 2 short biographic films.

"We started new life and we got new experience in co-working with creative people, who want to represent their companies on TV-screens or billboards originally. We hope 2014 will give us more ideas and opportunities to realize it!"


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